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Spanish/English Translations

Official and Commercial Service
We usually need language translations at one of more of three basic levels -
  1. Elemental - Translate the meaning of a single word, or set of phrases.
  2. Informal - A grammatically correct and understandable translation
  3. Official - A perfect (as possible) and 'legally acceptable' translation.

1. Elemental translation    (free on Altavista)
This is the 'what is it basically saying' or 'what does that mean' level. Language dictionary's are traditional, but AltaVista's search engine provides a simple incredible first approximation of any text, from a single word to a whole passage.
Note:Translating 'several sentences', (from say English to Spanish) in such manner will almost certainly result in a very grammatically imperfect text (which a Spaniard might not understand), although they may get the general meaning.

Altavista DIY Service This can open the Altavista translation page in a new window for a quick look, using the button here. (Normally you will see this window appear anyway, but if not, check your buttons on the task bar at the bottom of the screen, as it may appear 'behind' this window).   

Please note the following are not free Spanish translation services

Translations 2. Informal Translations  (Sometimes misleadingly called 'Approved' translations)
There are many situations where an English Spanish translation of foreign documents is required. In commercial/marketing situations, an Spanish-English, or English-Spanish translation should be performed by an interpreter who possesses exceptional understanding of both the syntax and effective use the languages involved. The subtle meanings and persuasiveness of powerful modern marketing phrases simply get lost in a simple translation. Direct translations also ignore cultural differences, and may unwittingly offend, or be totally ineffectual with the target audience.

Translations 3. Official Translations.  (Any sort of contract, will or documents with legal implications
In many situations, legal, commercial and public organisations may only accept an 'Official' Spanish English or English Spanish translations. Such translations are considered legally equivalent, on the basic that an Official Translator is qualified in ensuring that legal 'meanings' are correctly conveyed across the languages.

'Official' translations must bear the stamp and marks of the Registered Translator' and the translator will need to be in possession of the original documents at the time the translation is 'Officially' stamped.

The whole point of 'Official' translations, is that they will bear legal scrutiny and are acceptable to law courts, the authorities, etc. Official translations should always be made for Will's, legal certificates, commercial contracts, or when text that makes various commercial claims will be published. In other words, anything containing an implicit or potential link to some legal responsibility or formality, should be translated officially.

For instance, if you have assets in Spain, most legal documents will be written Spanish. Note that an English Will in its original form will not be recognised by the Spanish authorities. However, if you do not have a Spanish Will, most wills can be 'Officially Translated', into the Spanish language to make them acceptable to the Spanish law courts.

Special Note: Companies producing documents containing their Terms & Conditions should have these carefully drawn up by a lawyer and then subject them to 'Official' Translation.

Scope of Service - Spanish English Translations of Legal documents, Books, Brochures, Commercial text, Reports, Manuals, Wills

Costs - We always quote final costs for your approval before commencing work, based on the amount of work involved. As a guideline, a page of A4 size normal text would cost 24.00 Euro's for an Approved or unofficial Translation and 48.00 Euro's for an 'Official Translation'. The official translation will bear the stamps and marks required to allow the document to be accepted as a legal document.

To arrange or enquire about a translation, please enter the information here -

Your Contact Details
Forename Mr Ms
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Languages translation
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* To e.g., Spanish
Type of Translation Required
Unofficial Informal - Original documents not required
Official Official - Original documents required
In what form will you be sending us the text
Printed I will post and/or fax the documents
Scanned I will fax and/or email the image
Text File Will send Word Processor / Text file by email
In what form do you want the Translation sent to you
Printed (Mailed originals, Fax copies)
Text File (Text File sent by eMail.)
Please describe what the document is
(a Will, Birth Certificate, Company Brochure, Novel, Poster etc)

Thank you - Please click button once and wait.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE. We respond to all forms.
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