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Tenerife Schools

Schools and Education

1. Types of Schooling Available in Tenerife.
(i) Private Schools. (fee paying) - There are several private schools in Tenerife, based on Spanish, English or German. (ii) State Schools. (no fees) - You may place your child in one of the many State schools for a wholly Spanish education.

2. Requirements for Private Fee Paying Schools
The requirements vary and are specific to the school under consideration. For current and accurate information you should make enquiries directly to the school of your choice. Term fees are usually paid at the beginning of a term, and there are usually three terms per academic year. Our children attended both EEC and Wingate, both schools offer excellent educational possibilities.

3. Requirements for State Schools
Traditionally, parent/s needed Residencias, School Reports, a letter clearly defining the level of studies from the previous school, etc. This has considerably eased with the rapid changes made within the EU, so contact the school of your choice to determine what may be required - but I list the original requirements here anyway -
Birth Certificate
School Reports
Medical Vaccination/Card
Photographs each child (Not Digital)
A FULL Birth Certificate is required. If your child's Birth Certification is one of the more modern 'simple' certificates, which does not show the father's name, then the school may insist on a FULL certificate, to be obtained from the Registrar of Births.

See your family doctor and obtain a Health/Immunisation Card to show that your child has received the normal modern immunisations and confirming the child is in good health. We advise all the family receive an Anti-Tetanus before leaving the UK,. This will then be recorded on the Medical card and will avoid the child having to receive inoculations as soon as they arrive to their new environment.

English Educational Centre (EEC)

English Educational Centre a multinational education and nursery facility Tenerife Schools
A group of children at the EEC
This long established school blends experience, fine teachers and modern methods to produce a relaxed and effective English Curriculum based learning environment for children between 3 and 12 years of age - for both residents and visitors. Great emphasis is placed on giving children a happy environment, consistent with high work levels and an effective education.

Full Time English based Education
The English Educational Centre is an excellent privately owned school, operated by the head mistress, Mrs Ann Plummer. The school allows education-conscious parents of any nationality, to provide their child with a superb full time education, based on the internationally respected English National Curriculum. This curriculum is the perfect platform for Tenerife domiciled children of any nationality who wish to continue their education through to full UK University degree standard and further. Spanish is taught of course, and is the second language of the school. Future plans include increasing resources to provide extended education for pupils up to 18 years or more. The list below summarises the major benefits of the EEC facility.
Vacational Day-Care Education
Typical of Mrs Plummer's unique approach, is the availability of a 'daily based' facility for visitors to the island. This means that even tourists can place their children into a happy, learning-based environment on a daily basis during their stay. Parents who are badly need a holiday outside term holidays, but are reluctant to take their children out of schooling, can ensure the children have educational input, in an interestingly different environment during the holiday. This is also an excellent opportunity for those moving to the island, to prepare children for schooling in Tenerife. Fees can be billed on an hourly, weekly, monthly or single term basis, by prior arrangement.

My children attended the EEC - so, without hesitation, I can both confirm and endorse the quality of education and personal development provided by the EEC, from first hand experience.

Full English National Curriculum - testing at 7 and 11.
High academic achievement, provision for individuals.
A happy, healthy and caring environment.
School uniform for full-time pupils.
Friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff.
All abilities catered for in well equipped classes.
Classes normally have less than 20 pupils.
All nationalities - children actually love this.
Nursery Department with pre-school education.
Spanish as a strong second language.
Development of sporting skills encouraged
Extra curricular activities (Art, Dance, Cookery, etc.)
Ad Hoc facilities for children of visitors to Tenerife
Forward planning and awareness of 'future needs'.

English Educational Centre
San Blas Commercial Centre
San Miguel de Abona 38620
Golf del Sur, Tenerife
Canary Islands.
Tel/Fax: +34 922 738638

Mrs Ann Plummer (Head)

School Hours are
09:00 - 15:30
Monday to Friday

Wingate School

Wingate School Tenerife
Wingate School is located in the small village of Cabo Blanco approximately 5 km's above the town of Los Cristianos. The school has grown over the years and now offer's a comprehensive and complete secondary education for children. The school is small by U.K. standards and classroom capacity is kept to a minimum. This allows children attending the school, to receive quality education from the teaching staff. Children make many long term friendships within the school and often continue their contacts outside the school environment. The school offers many activities including dance and computer clubs, summer school activities and has a very good drama department, which has produced some memorable plays. Whilst the school still believes in the older values of respect for oneself and others, discipline and attention to work, it also offers a caring and nurturing environment for children.
Wingate School Logo

More information is available on the schools web site http://www.wingateschool.com