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Booking on Internet.

Your first time? Apprehensive?

Six rules on avoiding reserving the proverbial 'holiday from hell'.

Don't pull your hair out Whenever we have been contacted by a desperate visitor who has arrived in Tenerife to a 'non-existent' apartment or some similar holiday nightmare, we are always amazed at how little information they were given (and accepted this) and have then flown to Tenerife into and 'a situation' just waiting for them.

We have operated since 1989 and are well known and respected for helping those in distress. Its flattering for us, but the visitor's holiday break has been completely ruined, and a lot of money lost forever!

We would rather you avoid any problem by using six simple rules.

1. Have you got/been given the Apartment's exact full postal address?
Postal Address 'My husband George will met you outside...' - NOT good enough! This happens all the time. 'George' isn't there, nobody's heard of him, your not sure you are in the right place, and the only telephone contact number you have is in the UK and doesn't answer. So the disaster unfolds.
Beware if you are not given this information immediately your booking is confirmed!

Key collection 2. Have you been told 'exactly' where to collect the keys?
You must ensure you get simple, clear instructions on obtaining your keys, especially when 'code numbers' are required to open 'key safes' etc.
You need a simple, clear 'Keys' procedure!

3. Have you had photos of apartment/complex you have reserved?
Photo of apartment Normally, we would always send available photos of both the apartment and the complex where you will be staying along with the full postal address.
Beware if you have not been sent or offered pictures!

4. Have you been given a sensible 'local' telephone number?
Sensible phone number? We always include a local emergency number (mobile, so it can always be answered). 'Any old number' will not do, ask who you would be calling should you need to.
'Harold' on the phone here will probably not be able to help you.
NEVER fly out to Tenerife without such a local lifeline!

5. Are you told you can only pay by Credit Card?
No Credit Cards We never accept internet credit card transactions. With Internet Credit Card fraud rife, and still rising! We don't carry our clients Card details in our system and don't want them sending to us via the Internet, there is no truly secure way of do this.
The payment method we use is safer AND cheaper!

Take documents 6. Remember to take all Booking/Confirmation documents with you.
Your Booking Confirmation is your simple proof to anyone that you have reserved an apartment, and specifically which apartment. Without this you cannot clear up the simplest misunderstanding. Beware of unclear documentation - everything should be explicit!


You should arrive, certainly with us, knowing where you are going, what you are going to, and fully prepared to ensure a smooth arrival. ALL of the above information is on our single sheet reservation confirmation (and you will have completely avoided the possibility of Credit fraud)

Whoever you reserve with - satisfy yourself the arrangements meet the above.