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Offshore Finance

Tenerife Business Information

Where is the best place for offshore company formations - British Virgin Islands, BVI, ZEC Tenerife, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Jersey, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Bermuda ... perhaps, but then again, perhaps not. Low cost offshore operations require careful planning - learn more about it here.

The offshore base.

Growth in Offshore Finance

Offshore Business World demand for Offshore Financial Centres (OFC) services continues to increase. High taxation, complex laws and excessive regulations in many industrialised countries and political or economic uncertainty contribute to the growing demand. Offshore financial centres are very important to the global economy. Fifty percent of all currency transactions processed internationally involve offshore financial centres and offshore banks in general. The Canarian offshore centre - the ZEC zone (Zone Especial Canarias) is designed to allow companies to operate offshore from Tenerife. With it's superb climate, lifestyle, facilities and high accessibility from Europe and the Americas, Tenerife offers a superb base for most offshore activities.

Choosing Offshore Location.

The most important considerations and requirements are -

BVI - A typical Eurosol offshore option.

The British Virgin Islands are among the leading offshore financial centres. Six key features of the BVI are -

Eurosol can help you take advantage of these features remotely, without the need to travel regularly to your offshore centre, and remaining in total control of your confidentiality and costs.

BVI - Offshore Banking

The BVI have several renowned international banks, e.g., Barclays (UK), Chase Manhattan and several of Europe's leading private banks and trust companies - all have offices in the BVI. We can assist you in opening the appropriate accounts, and where to place them commercially and geographically.

BVI - Operating Environment

The BVI offer the following key advantages for IBC's (International Business Company) -

Getting the inside information on offshore arrangements.

The inherently confidential nature of the subject prompts me to ask interested business principals to email me to establish initial contact. I can then offer more information on some of the exciting possibilities available and help in creating the best corporate offshore structure.

Please email us direct for more confidential information.