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This area will always appear a bit cluttered, but you will find a diverse collection of useful and important information that does not fit neatly into any of the other site sections. If you are thinking of moving to Tenerife, buying a property or setting up in business here - then make sure you also checkout my free information and advisory site tenerifeowners.com

Cars - beware
In Tenerife, new cars are reasonably taxed and are generally quite cheap to buy, whereas 'second user' cars can command a surprisingly high price tag.Think carefully before buying second-hand, as it may well be cheaper, over a three year period, to buy, run and maintain a new car than a second-hand one. Click here for vital information on owning cars in Tenerife and Spain.

Computing - Internet - Repairs
For computer Repairs, Sales and Maintenance, I strongly advise you to contact PCI. The proprietor is a British Engineer, also speaks perfect Spanish and is able to provide full resources and backup for operating your computer system in Tenerife. They also provide competitive Internet connections.

Buying a property in Tenerife is probably one of the best thing you could ever do. With its wonderful year-round climate, stable economy and multi-nationality culture, it is hard to find a better place. During the years prior to 1989, property increased in value between 12 - 25% per annum. Since these heady days of fast buying and sometimes 'cowboy developers' the island has now settled into a developing tourist centre, that enjoys a steady property investment growth. All properties should be investigated before you purchase. Get the full information about buying on the Property pages.

Residencias - Work Permits - Licences
Whether you are thinking of living or working in Tenerife it is important to ensure you are doing it legally. Paperwork associated with living and working abroad can sometimes be confusing especially if you do not speak the local language - so consult a professional. You can get valuable information on this by going to http://www.tenerifeowners.com

About EuroSol
This website has been written for almost everyone with an interest in Tenerife, and should provide you with answers to almost every reasonable questions relating to visiting, holidaying or even moving to and operating a business in the beautiful Canarian islands.

Holidays, properties and businesses are financially significant items for all of us. We busy ourselves with trying to ensure that our clients get the same service that we ourselves would hope for. New business is almost wholly referrals from satisfied clients, followed closely by Internet responses to the web site. The simplistic approach works best for us -

The other important stuff we do
In addition to first class Holidays, Property and Business Sales, a significant part of our effort is devoted to helping people deal with and understand a multitude of everyday realities, such as obtaining Residencias, work permits, property tax avoidance, business accounting, cars, shipping, schools ....... and so it goes on.


[+] its now conventional to use the '+' sign to show where you enter the code or obtaining an international line from your country of origin (UK and Spain both use 00). Calling the above number from the UK for example would be -

00 34 922 715661
dial International
(eg, if in UK)
Country Code
(eg Spain)
Area Code
(eg, Tenerife)
Local number
(eg, Tenerife)

For example, from the UK, Note that in Spain, even if you dial a local number, you will still need to include the Area code (similar to mobile telephone numbers)