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Tenerife Index

Alphabetic Index

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A Tenerife Guide Index

Accident - Road accident - Injury
Accommodation - Renting/Reserving - Holiday for Scuba divers, Buying Property/Real Estate
Activity - Activity Holidays
Advanced - Divers course
Advertising - On this web site
Airport - Location on map Getting to and from Confirming Flights North-South
Amarilla Golf - Golf Holidays Accommodation
Ambulance - Service Telephone number for
Apartments - Holiday Accommodation - Buying Holiday Homes - Cleaning services - Property pages
Aqua - Octopus Aquapark Snorkelling Scuba
Architect - Services
Army - presence in Tenerife
Arona - About
Artist - Tuition Painting Holiday Clubs
Astronomy - Observatory in Tenerife
Attractions - Day and Night Golf Food Tours Sea Trips Safari's
Ayuntomiento - Town Councils

B Tenerife Guide Index

Bank - Certified Cheques
Banks - Using as a tourist Mortgage
Bars - For Sale
Beach - Best beaches in Tenerife
Body Boarding - Overview Best Places for
British Consulate - Consulate Page - Passport Loss Renewing in Tenerife Legion Club
Builders - Services
Bus - Tours Local Service
Buying - Property Land Cars Shopping

C Tenerife Guide Index

Cable TV - In Tenerife
Candelaria - Town of
Capital - Santa Cruz of Tenerife Investment in business Investment in Property/Real Estate
Carnival - Annual
Cars - Hiring - Car Hire - Age Limits - Insurance - Reserving, Secondhand Cars
Cars - Tenerife - Used cars - Buying - Matriculation - Importing to Tenerife
Casino - where
Certified - Cheques
Chamber - of Commerce
Chemist - see Medical
Church - see Contacts and Organisation
Cinema - Drive-in
Classified - EuroSol Advertising Board Tenerife Newspapers
Cleaning - Apartments - see property Management Upholstery
Clinic - Medical
Climate - Weather
Clothes - Shopping
Clubs - List of
Cockroach - Pest Control Telephones - Mobile Fax - eMail Service
Communications - Telephone - Mobile - Fax - email General
Computers - Computers, Internet, Computer repairs in Tenerife PCI
Construction - Companies Architect
Consulate - British Consulate's Page
Consumer - Protection Agency Rights
Contact - Religious Help Clubs
Continente - Shopping Supermarket
Craft - Markets Garachico Craft Town
Cruises - Available Cruises
Currency - Exchange

D Tenerife Guide Index

Dancing - Veronicas, Playa de las Americas - General
Dentist see Medical
Directory Telephone enquiries Dial 1003, International dial 1005
Disco - Veronicas, Playa de las Americas - General
Disabled - Holidays Wheelchair Hire
Diving - Scuba
Doctors - List of Medical
Driving - Licence - Car Hire in Tenerife
Duty Free - Allowances - Shopping

E Tenerife Guide Index

Eating - Restaurant types
Education - Schools
EEC - English Education Centre
EC - European Community - Status of Tenerife within
Electrical - Electrician - UNELCO (Spanish National Electricity Providers) - mains supply
eMail - us at Eurosol and other useful email addresses
Emergency see Medical
Embassy see British Consulate
Enter/Entering - Tenerife
Escort - Mm, better checkout newspapers
Exchange - Currency
Excursions - See Attractions

F Tenerife Guide Index

East West Travel - Travel Agency Flights
Farmacia - Chemist List of
Fax - Services in Tenerife
Ferry - Ferries
Financial - Banks Offshore Business Accounts Accountants
Fire Brigade - Locations of
Fiscal - Residencias - Work Permits - Business Licences Accounts
Fishing - Holidays In Tenerife Sea fishing trips
Food - General Recipes
Freemasons - Tenerife Lodge
Furniture - Sellers Repair Cleaning

G Tenerife Guide Index

Galleries - Art
Garachico - Craft Market
Go-Karts - Karting Tenerife
Golf del Sur - on Map Golf Golf Holidays
Government See Political
Guardia Civil - General info
Gymnasiums - Addresses or

H Tenerife Guide Index

Hairdressers - Addresses of
Hang Gliding - Holidays
Health - Medical, Cover
Help - Loss of - Documents - Articles - People Police
Help - Personal - Alcohol Smoking Religious Legal
Hiring - Cars Wheelchairs, Baby Seats, TV etc
History -
Holiday - Apartments, Hotels Attractions in Tenerife Car Hire
Holidays - Disabled Activity - Golf - Fishing - Painting etc
Home - HOMEpage Holiday and Residential Homes
Hospitals - Medical
Hotels - Holidays Hotel Reservations

I Tenerife Guide Index

Icod de los Viños - About the Town Day Tours Location
Importing - Cars
In-Line Skating - Facilities
Insurance - Travel Property Car
Internet - Providers
Investment - Property - Land Offshore

J Tenerife Guide Index

Jewellery - Tenerife Pearl
Jobs - Working in Tenerife Residencias and Work Permits

K Tenerife Guide Index

King - of Spain

L Tenerife Guide Index

La Oratava - About Location Day Tours
Land - Building Land
Language - of Tenerife
Licence - Driving in Tenerife
Lions Club - contact for
Loro Parque - about Tour to
Los Cristianos - About Carnival Location
Los Gigantes - About Location of
Lottery - National

M Tenerife Guide Index

Mains Voltage - Mains Electrical/Power supply
Management - of Apartment or Property
Maps - Location of Tenerife on World Map Map of Tenerife
Marinas - About
Market - Open Markets Contact for getting a Stall
Masca - About
Matriculation - of Cars and Vehicles into Tenerife and Spain
Medical - General Travel Doctors Clinics
Medicine - getting at Chemist
Money - Exchange
Mount Teide - About Tours to
Museums - in Tenerife
Music - Orchestral - Flamenco - Veronicas, Playa de las Americas - General

N Tenerife Guide Index

National - Guard - Guardia Civil
Newspapers - in Tenerife, Island Connections, Tenerife News, The Paper
Night Life - Veronicas, Playa de las Americas - General
North - Map Towns Apartments and Accommodation Attractions Beaches
Nursery - Nursery School

O Tenerife Guide Index

Observatory - in Tenerife
Ocean - Tenerife located in Map
Octopus - Aqua Park Food
Office - Buying - Renting - Licensing Important addresses
Official - Translation to Spanish Police
Offshore - Financial Centres - ZEC Zone - Banking
Optician - General information
Outside - Activities in Tenerife
Overcharge - What to do when overcharged
Overweight - Ideas

P Tenerife Guide Index

Painting - Decorators Artists Holidays
Passport - Expiry
Passport - What to do if lost Renewing from Tenerife
Pearls - Tenerife Pearl
Pest Control - Eradication of Cockroaches etc
Picnic - Picnic areas in National Park
Pizza - Recipes Restaurants
Playa de las Americas - About Location on map The Town
Political - Overview
Population - Estimated. of different towns.
Prices - Holiday apartment rentals
Property - Buying - For Sale, Advice and guidance on
Property - Owning - go to TENERIFEOWNERS.COM - Free information site dedicated to owners
Property - Renting - List of Holiday Lets
Property - Selling - How to sell your property
Puerto de la Cruz
Power Supply - Electrical supply

Q Tenerife Guide Index

Qualified - Lawyers,
Quarantine - Animals
Queen - of Spain
Quiet - Holidays
Quiz - nights in Bars

R Tenerife Guide Index

Radio - English speaking in Tenerife
Refurbishing - Apartment
Religious - Contacts and Organisation
Repairs - Apartment Computer PC's Repairs
Residencias - Overview
Rest Homes - for elderly Disabled Holidays
Restaurants - Food
Retirement - to Tenerife
Reverend - see Contacts and Organisation
Roller Blades - place to Rollerblade
Rotary - Club

S Tenerife Guide Index

Satellite - Channels in Tenerife
Schools - schooling in Tenerife
Scuba Diving - Holidays Courses Information on
Shopping - Where to Shop
Skate Boarding - in Tenerife
Skating - In-Line Skating Skate Boarding
Snorkelling - Holidays
South - Map Apartments and Accommodation Attractions Beaches Towns
Space - Research in Canaries
Spanish - Learning Culture
Submarine - Yellow Submarine
Supermarket - Shopping Malls Cheapest

T Tenerife Guide Index

Tapas - tasty Spanish snacks Recipes
Taxes - Property - Retention when selling/buying property
Taxis - General to and from Airport
Teachers - Private
Telephone - Consulate Other countries from Tenerife Services
tenerifeowners.com - Free information site dedicated to owners - sponsored by EuroSol
Tennis - Holidays - Lessons - Coaching
Things - to do in Tenerife Guide
Timeshare - Holidays
Tourist Guide - Shopping - Problems - Losses - pre-travel check list etc..
Tours - Island Tours
Towns - major Towns in Tenerife
Travel - Agents - East West Travel
Travel - Information Guide
Travel - Checklist
Travel - Sickness
Treatment - Medical
Tuition - Tutors also see Schools
Tutors - Available

U Tenerife Guide Index

Upholstery - Cleaners Repairers
Utilities - Electricity - Water etc

V Tenerife Guide Index

Valuation - of Property
Vegetable - see Food
Vicar - see Contacts and Organisation
Video - Hire Shops
Volcano - About Mount Teide
Voltage - Mains Electrical/Power supply
Voting - Political, Community AGM's - tenerifeowners.com

W Tenerife Guide Index

Walking - Holidays Activity Holidays
Water - drinking
Water Park - Octopus Aqua Park
Weather - Climate
West - Apartments and Accommodation Beaches Towns Map
Whales - local families Sara Heimlich - Scientist (Delfis)
Wind Surfing - Holidays
Wine - Spanish
Work - in Tenerife
Work Permit
Working - Residencias and Work Permits

X Tenerife Guide Index

X-Ray - Medical

Y Tenerife Guide Index

Yacht - Charter

Z Tenerife Guide Index

ZEC Zone - Offshore Zone
Zoological - Loro Parque - Botanical Gardens

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