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Building Land

Building Land - Individual Plots

Building land in Tenerife, and real estate generally, in the Canary Islands is becoming a scarce resource. Eventually, in order to protect the natural beauty of Tenerife and hence ensure its long term tourism, the Tenerife government will prevent further real estate constructions taking place. Lanzarote has already done this.

Whether you are looking for a sound investment opportunity, or to building land to construct a luxurious holiday villa, or even secure a longer term home in the perfect climate of the Canary Islands - now is probably the time to buy.

Demand for building land in Tenerife continues to rise as more and more Europeans and Americans discover this beautiful island, pushing real estate prices to higher levels..

It is imperative that buyers ascertain beyond any reasonable doubt, that they will be allowed to build on the land. You may be told by one government department that you will be ok to build, only to find that a different department blocks your proposals later - but you have already purchased the land. Safe procedures for buying real estate in Tenerife, the Canary islands and Spain generally, are very different to many other countries.

The message is to proceed carefully, and remember that your ability to develop any land you buy, will be determined by the clauses, consents and limitations specified in the legal documents that pertain to the exact piece of land under consideration, 'not' by what somebody has 'told you'.

Decide the nature of the project, ie, 'exactly' what you want to do with the land 'before' you purchase or lay any deposits, and use a 'reliable' professional to research the situation before making any commitment. Tell the seller you can only buy subject to the relevant permissions being obtained for you proposals - if this is unacceptable to the seller, don't buy it.