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Please only use this form if you are considering a serious business project.
For casual enquiries, feel free to contact me. Please note that we do not send out exhaustive listings, or confidential and detailed information based on casual enquiries. This is to protect the interests of both the seller, and subsequent buyer of the business. Most businesses for sale will require fairly immediate action if you wish to acquire one.

Please give me sufficient information by filling out all sections of the form below
A fully completed form ensures we have all of the facts necessary to give you serious advice and guidance on acquiring and operating a business in Tenerife and generally assist your decision making. We don't pester you - you will only hear from us if a suitable business becomes available, or you have specifically requested further information.

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NOTE - If you do not get a proper response, you
have passed us an invalid email address. If you think
this could have happened, then please email us.