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Beaches - Tenerife

Beaches and Surfing spots

zzplaya The clean, sandy beaches in Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain.
Where to find the white sand, secluded or just sunny beaches. When you get to Tenerife, get out your local map out (they are free virtually everywhere) and try some of these great places.

About the sun bathing beaches of Tenerife
The volcanic nature and evolution of Tenerife have created just a few 'natural' beaches, all of a fine black shingle or sand. The dramatic increase of tourism and demand for public beaches has been met by huge investments. High quality, man made beaches are now plentiful. These are mainly around the major tourist resorts. Most have good access, meet stringent European standards of cleanliness and most offer shower facilities, sun beds, shades and water-sports. Listed below, are some of these beaches, each with a brief description.

Sun beaches for sun tanning on sand

Surfing beaches &Coves Body Boarder

Windsurfing beaches. wind surfer

Snorkelling / Scuba coves zzsnork