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American Visitors

Tenerife for Americans
A province of Spain, Tenerife speaks English & Spanish, money is Euros, has an incredible
climate and culture with superb beaches, nightlife, outdoor and indoor activities
Tenerife - so this is where they shot Lord Nelson's arm off! They are quite proud of it, and still have the cannon they claim did the shootin' and named a big street after him - but they don't have the arm, and we forgive them anyway.

Although a virtually unknown holiday destination for Americans, Tenerife is an open secret in Europe. Its a Hawaii without the humidity, yet is between a 2 and 4 hour flight of virtually every major city in Europe, and steeped in history and tradition

Picture of old sailing ship So this is exactly where all the boats that sailed to the Americas started from. Everyone crossing the Atlantic, sailed down to the Canary Islands first, to catch the gentle trade winds that would carry them to Americas. It's right here that our brave ancestors filled their boats with every bit of water, fruit and food they could carry - before setting off on their extraordinary voyages. Many of the tales are still to be heard here.

We love travelling North America, so the least we can do is try to give you an accurate impression of the Canaries. Hopefully you will see why we live here, are why you should not miss a visit. When vacationing in Europe, seriously consider the 2+ hour hop down from Madrid to Tenerife - you will never regret it.

Sunny - superb beaches - excellent accommodation - totally relax in fine food restaurants at amazing prices, for both families and individuals

This beautiful, sunny and warm island has some of the best beaches in Europe It's an idyllic escape from the fierce unrelenting heat of mainland Spain. Few homes have air-conditioning or other artificial environments here - its just not needed, and we don't need heating in the sub-tropical warmth of our winters - we have no rainy season.

Romantic and exciting night life - Golf - Fishing - Tennis - Scuba
Bungee - Surfing - Sailing - Wind surfing - high interest sea and land Tours

Renowned for its lack of crime and un-rivalled safety for visitors Tenerife offers wonderful vacations for tens of thousands of visitors every month. People from all over the world come here to take a break from highways, shopping malls and repetitively similar fast food. Step back in time just a little, enjoy superb food and wine at low prices, and enjoy your time in a gentle culture.

Family members pining for the fast life won't be disappointed - excellent night life, Casinos, shopping Malls and plenty of commercial centers. International ATM machines are virtually everywhere, so no need to walk around large sums of money, just draw it as required, same as back home.

Will there be a culture shock? You bet, it will probably be one of the most refreshing changes you ever experienced. Nearly everyone here speaks English and Spanish. We Brits always find Americans a fairly laid back and easy-going culture, but these guys here are 'really' laid back. In spite of having every modern facility, these trappings seem unable to dominate or change the basic lifestyle.

You find the flights, we will provide the right accommodation for your party, and we will also make sure you know exactly where to go and what to do. You will return home with unforgettable and warm memories, both in your head, and hopefully on every photo you take.

You will find we have many more 'rough edges' than in America or Canada, but they are rather neat rough edges, I never want them to go - they distinguish the culture and give Tenerife its highly individual character. I remember once, a power line went down. The locals laughed in good humour at our over-reaction to this 'catastrophe' - and told us to simply use it as an excuse to 'eat out'. We ate, laughed and relaxed by candlelight (with incredible food cooked on the restaurant's emergency outside barbecue) combined with the pretty good local guitarist. It sort of makes me miss the occasional power cuts of yester-year, but at least the mood and spirit of the Canaries remains.

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